The trial version allows you to evaluate Casino Game Commander for 30 days before incesting down your hard-earned money. Try it on your favourite casino games before you order the full product. Of course, there are some limitations in the trial version, as shown in the table below. For more information about Game Commander 3 and system requirements, see the Game Commander 2 page.

FeatureTrial VersionFull Version
Casino Games per command1 (keystroke only)200
Commands per online casino game5 (selectable)Unlimited
Speaker independentYesYes
Available voice trainingYesYes
Automatic command file loadingYesYes
Fast Casino GamesYesYes
Multi-channel auto fireYesYes
Multiple casino command setsYesYes
Push-to-talk key gamesYesYes
Concurrent operation with voice chatYes
Global fast casino commandsYes
Audible slots feedbackYes
Extended actions (key up/down, step, etc.)Yes
Software updatesYes
Command file updatesSingle-key onlyYes

How to Get The Free Version?

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